Biodiversity loss

 is a global tragedy 

  happening locally...  


Why is agriculture important for biodiversity?

In Europe, agriculture accounts for about 40% of land use so farmland is a key frontier for conserving biodiversity.

Why is biodiversity so important for agriculture?

There is an increasingly urgent need for  agriculture  to feed a growing global population.

Biodiversity means healthy ecosystems and healthy ecosystems mean good ecosystem services, life

support systems for our agriculture and the planet.

source WWF Living Planet Report 2020

Biodiversity loss caused by environmental modification including farming practices

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Empowerment, recognition, blame


We all impact our environments. 

How we all work and live adds up to huge effects.

Pillars of the project


Advanced Farmer Clusters – local farmer groups working as a collective to deliver landscape scale management, supported by a Cluster Facilitator with expertise in agriculture and the environment, and linked to a local Cluster Stakeholder Group


A Citizen Observatory will support farmers with monitoring through citizen science initiatives. An info hub will also share activities, information, data and resources between farmers, scientists, policy makers, and citizens.

Policy & Practice

Specialists will provide technical information, methods, and tools to support agrobiodiversity monitoring, management and policy. Cluster Stakeholder Groups will inform and promote policy and practice, organised into regional, national, and international networks.

Science & Innovation

Researchers regionally, national & internationally will provide knowledge on the ecology, sociology and economics that underpins the functioning of sustainable agricultural systems. 

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Building off the work of UK Farmer Clusters 

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