Biodiversity loss

 is a global tragedy 

  happening locally...  

Why is agriculture so important to reducing biodiversity loss?


Why is agriculture so important for reducing biodiversity loss?

In Europe, agriculture accounts for about 40% of land use so farmland is a key frontier for conserving biodiversity.

Why is agriculture so important to reducing biodiversity loss?

Why is biodiversity so 

important for agriculture?

There is an increasingly urgent need for agriculture to

feed a growing global population.

Biodiversity supports the ecosystems

we rely on to feed humanity.


source WWF Living Planet Report 2020

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Biodiversity loss caused by environmental modification including farming practices

Empowerment, recognition, blame

We all impact our environments. 

How we all work and live adds up to huge effects.

Framework is putting pioneering farmers

first in the fight to conserve biodiversity.

Local groups benefit from the latest knowledge on science, regulation, tech & economic advantages


..forming rewarding new relationships with fellow farmers, their communities and their land. 

We're working with farmer groups and other stakeholders in agricultural landscapes to develop a new

Biodiversity Sensitive Farming system... 


...conserving biodiversity and improving nutritional security in the face of stresses like climate change, population increase

& disease pandemics.

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Building off the work of UK Farmer Clusters 

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