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Become Associated with Framework...

Align your farming community with ours! 

What is a cluster?

A Farmer Cluster is simply a term we use on the project to describe a community of farmers, located in the same region, who work together to knowledge share, support and motivate one another regarding the biodiversity and ecological health of their farms!

You many already be part of such a group or considering setting one up locally...

Benefits of Farmer Clusters 
& associating with Framework!

Clusters allow for sharing information unique to your region

  • Support with engaging with the biodiversity on your farm

  • A heads up on where regulation is going 

  • Funding and agri-scheme opportunities 

Associating with the project allows

  • For greater regional connection between farmers 

  • Sharing useful project resources beyond our own clusters 

  • Surveying farmers beyond our own clusters

Help support landscape-scale perspectives...

...and progress!

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Tell Us What You 

Associate clusters that are newly established are invited to take part in a survey..

Why The Surveys?

We aim to understand the self-view of the farmers, their attitudes towards the environment and the farmer clusters, as well as their characteristics in terms of farm type, participation in AES, etc. The first survey is a "before-survey", i.e. ideally we need to conduct it at a stage when the clusters are newly established and have not met as a group. Toward the end of the project, we will conduct an "after-survey", to analyse whether their attitudes towards the environment and/or the farmer clusters, or even how they view themselves as farmers, have changed over time by being part of the cluster. Also, we would like to complement the data of the two farmer surveys with a facilitator survey in early 2022.

About Your Privacy

The survey will be anonymous. We have established a simple procedure to keep track of the data we collect on every farmer without knowing their real identities. 

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