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Biodiversity's Benfits


Sometimes money

does grow on trees...

Land-based Agrifood businesses

generate their value from the health

of their environments or agroecosystems.


Valuing-in farmland biodiversity can

help protect businesses while opening

up new market opportunities rewarding 

sustainable products and societal goods.

biodiversity benefits business.

farmland biodiversity brings benefits... 


Olive grove


Screenshot 2022-07-31 at 15.52.05.png

Cristóbal Reina,

Framework Farmer Cluster Spain, 

Sociedad de Cazadores President

Things have changed since my father's time! Today, we see thousands of hectares becoming desert, the seed bank

and soil health is gone.

Reintroducing vegetation to olive groves that was previously viewed only as competition for the olives helps conserve water, prevent erosion and support sustainable farming into the future. 

As well as a farmer, I'm president of the regional hunting association and it brings us great sadness as we watch our countryside empty out! Plant biodiversity increases other biodiversity, providing habitat and food for bird life as well as important game species.

Farmers of my generation are having difficult conversations together and trying to find ways for life to flourish in the future...

biodiversity benefits people.


We don't live 

in a vacuum...

People and profit rely on

valuing environmental health.

But the benefits don't stop there!


Whether it's farmers or local people, 

when we value farmland biodiversity

better it unlocks a whole range of improvements in peoples' lives...



blame culture 

in agriculture

Farming today is changing, I grew up on my family farm and I know how farmers feel when people don't value their work. 

Communities are ready to work with farmers and farm businesses of all types to carry out volunteer biodiversity monitoring and much more. Farming is a tough job with a focus on the bottom line and sometimes we ignore bad mental health. 

Communities and farmers working together and connecting as locals helps bring farmers in from the cold, while offering the community a peak behind the curtain at productive agrifood businesses and the nature surrounding them. 

Too many farmers today associate public and community perceptions of agriculture with morale-leaching negativity. But working with Farmer Clusters has shown me communities and the public can be very supportive!

Jess Brooks,

Farmer & Farmer Cluster Advisor

The Game & Wildlife Trust, UK


We're looking 

at a different future...

Our agrifood system is considering

how to deliver food security sustainably, 

raising important questions for the

future of land-based agriculture. 


Historic divisions between approaches are blurring as markets,

regulators and individuals look to transition...

biodiversity benefits society.

Green Pastures

Farmland Biodiversity's


Take the quiz to find out

how biodiversity benefits you,

and how you can benefit biodiversity!

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