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More and more people are becoming aware of the pressing need to halt dramatic losses in biodiversity worldwide. 

We're creating a

Biodiversity Sensitive Farming System to encourage and enable farmers to conserve biodiversity and 

improve nutritional security in the face of climate change & disease pandemics.


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In Europe, agriculture accounts for about 40% of land use - conserving farmland biodiversity is vital.



Loss of biodiversity is a local and global tragedy but there is also an urgent need for agriculture to feed a growing global population. Biodiversity helps deliver

productive agroecosystems and 

affordable, nutritious, food.


Advance ecological understanding of the drivers of biodiversity change in agricultural landscapes

Generate, with farmers, a selection of best-practice biodiversity-sensitive management techniques based on their local requirement 

Output validated methods for biodiversity targeting, monitoring and evaluation 

Create private and public incentives to foster biodiversity-sensitive farming as a public good


farmers, scientists, citizens

working together




Increasing knowledge and finding solutions to the challenges of biodiversity loss alongside farmers, citizens, value chains, government policymakers and others. We're working to ensure that biodiversity sensitive farming is valued.

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