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Monte Pisano, Calci, Province of Pisa, Italy



The ‘OliValGraziosa’ FC has the objective to create a context of sustainable and high quality olive oil production while supporting the local biodiversity and the Val Graziosa community around the village of Calci. Specific areas of interest are the sustainable control of the olive fruit fly and other minor pests in olive groves, soil fertility management, erosion and wildfire control and the conservation of the rich local biodiversity with a special interest for all potential predators and parasitoids of the olive fruit fly, birds, butterflies, wild bees and flowering plants. Updates about the activities can be found on @GoAgroecology. 

Special activities that have been organised in the FC OliValGrazionsa are olive-tasting sessions and discussion about the oil quality with experts, use of olive pomace to increase soil fertility with special attention for the biological soil quality and training to perform olive fruit fly monitoring and area-wide mass trapping activities using pheromone traps.

We closely collaborate with Sportello Agroecologico di Calci who help us sustain project activities 

La Strada dell’Olio: they aim to increase visibility of Monte Pisano Olive Oil and support networking among olive oil producers. 

Oleificio Sociale di Caprona: they aim to support farmers in producing high quality olive oil. 

Comunità del Bosco: they aim to manage the Semi-Natural Habitats and all production systems of the Monte Pisano and support local communities in doing this. 

ECO-OLIVES project of Dr. Bea Maas: an Austrian-funded research project aimed at monitoring biodiversity in olive agroecosystems focusing on birds, bats and arthropods.

Biodiversity Focus

Pest biocontrol: olive fruit
fly to be controlled by spiders, carabids and
parasitoid wasps. Pollinators: Wild bees, butterflies. Conservation of

Farmers' Key Issues 

Control of olive
fruit fly; organisation of harvest, pruning and
vegetation management due to reduced
accessibility; wild boar control.




Landscape Type

Olive Groves

Average Farm Size

2 ha

Total Cluster Size

~ 54 ha




Monte Pisano, Calci, Province of Pisa, Italy

Camilla Moonen

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