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IOBC-WPRS Abstract ↗

Research Publications  

📄 Impact of sustainable land management practices on controlling water erosion events: hillslopes in the Czech Republic

 Journal of Cleaner Production  

📄  The Use of Digital Platforms for Community-Based

Monitoring | BioScience 

📄 Connecting Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches in Environmental ObservingBioScience 

📄 Impacts of land consolidation on land degradation: A systematic review | Journal of Environmental Management 

📄 Monitoring Temporal Trends in Internet Searches for “Ticks” across Europe by Google Trends: Tick–Human Interaction or General Interest? Insects 

📄 The Concept, Practice, Application, and Results of Locally Based Monitoring of the Environment BioScience 

📄 Creating Synergies between Citizen Science and Indigenous and Local Knowledge BioScience 

📄 Farmers' decisions regarding involvement in conservation projects and communcation preferences: A case study of an EU H2020 project | MSc thesis, Liege Universite, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech | link incoming 

📄 Navigating Natural Capital and Inclusive Wealth for gaining sustainability and wellbeing for the farming community (businesses, supply chain and consumers | ESP 

📄 Spontaneous flowering vegetation favours hoverflies and parasitoid wasps in apple orchards but has low cascading effects on biological pest control | Agriculture, Ecosystem & Environment 

📄 Does Increasing Farm Plot Size Influence the Visual Quality of Everyday Agricultural LandscapesInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 

📄 The potential of citizen science to support local biodiversity sensitive farming systems: First insights from the FRAMEwork project | IOBC-WPRS 

📄 FRAMEwork – Experiences from the first year of the Czech Farmer Cluster to improve biodiversity in the agricultural landscape | link incoming 

📄 Data Sovereignty in Community-Based Environmental Monitoring: Toward Equitable Environmental Data Governance      BioScience 

📄 Citizen science in environmental and ecological sciences

Nature Reviews Methods Primers 

📄 Community monitoring of natural resource systems and the environment | Annual Review of Environment and Resources 

📄 Farmers' decisions shape agricultural biodiversity 

Teaduselt mahepõllumajandusele ↗

📄 Is the Abandonment of Organic Grassland a Threat to Alpine Insect Diversity? | Land 

📄 Can farmer-led innovation promote biodiversity and sustainable farming? | Aarhus University 

📄 Realising agrobiodiversity management across ecosystems with farmer clusters | Julius Kühn Institute 

📄 Farmers use citizen science practices to support biodiversity on land | Zenodo 

📄 The Contributions of Citizen Science to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Other International Agreements and Frameworks | Citizen Science Theory + Practice 

📄 Citizen science and farmer-led innovation at the frontiers of farming and biodiversity  | Zenodo 

📄 The potential of citizen science for Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services assessment in agri-environmental systems

Aarhus University 

📄 Processes and Tools for enabling Interoperability between Citizen Science and Expert Biodiversity Data in Agriculture


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