In France



GRAB Producteurs d’innovation bio, a non-profit dedicated to on-farm research, is involved in the ECOORCHARD project, aiming at facilitating farmers’ use of simple methods to observe functional biodiversity in order to develop knowledge and change decisions or practices. This work led to a handbook that has been used in 11 EU countries by 50 apple growers over 2 years, with positive feedbacks in terms of knowledge, comprehension, time requested. This experience is being channeled into the FRAMEwork project by adapting tools to crops and possible local constraints.

The French National Agricultural Institute (INRA) is operating one of the pilot Farmer Clusters in apple and pear orchards. We’re conducting workshop in collaboration with GRAB involving farmers and agricultural advisers from the GIEE to enhance and coordinate the implementation of agroecological infrastructures, the monitoring and identification of farmland biodiversity by farmers, and to explore farmer sensitivity to biodiversity all along the project. We’re also will contributing through monitoring and analysis of farmland biodiversity according to farmer agricultural practices and agroecological landscape context to define the ecological mechanisms impacting natural pest control.