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Bio Blitzing in Italy

On April 29, 2023, the first Bioblitz of Monte Pisano took place, promoted by the Plant Sciences Research Center of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, as part of our European Framework Project.


It was great to work in collaboration with Ecological Succession APS, the Natural History Museum of the University of Pisa, Agroecological Desk, Forest Community, Olive Oil Trail of the Monti Pisani, Framework's Italian Farmer Cluster, and the National Diversity Future Center.

Over one hundred people participated in this event, families and children who made 430 sightings for a total of 199 species.


These numbers allowed the initiative to rank eighth in the Italian classification of the City Nature Challenge, a friendly international competition that consists of reporting the largest number of species possible in a given area, to promote the conservation of biodiversity.

The event included some paths in the Calci area, with biodiversity walks taking place both in the afternoon and at night. Botanical experts, herpetologists, ornithologists, and entomologists accompanied the participants and described the species that people observed along the way.

The groups ended up at the San Vito Farm, an organic company withtin Framework's Farmer Cluster, which welcomed participants with a slice of homemade toasted bread and a drizzle of locally produced oil or with a slice of dessert, washed down with a glass of Tuscan wine for the older visitors.


You can read more about the City Nature Challenge 2023 in Luxembourg here.

Or check out Framework's iNaturalist profile to see biodiversity observations from across the project.


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