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  • Jan Travnicek

Birds On the Brain

Framework's first Farmer Cluster meeting links up with leading Czech Ornithology society...

On June 4th, 2021 the first Farmer Cluster meeting was held at the lead farm, which is one of the first certified organic farms in the Czech Republic. The lead farm, VH Agroton, has also the status of a demonstration farm, which is considered an advantage, first, because of the pioneering farming practices it established, and second, because of the established network of interested farmers that FRAMEwork can build on.

As Farmer Clusters are grassroots, farmer-led, initiatives based on the interest of the farmers joining the FC, Czech Birdlife (Czech Society for Ornithology) was invited to the meeting to give a presentation about the bird species present in the region and measures to support birds of prey for natural pest control. Six farm businesses attended this first meeting.


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