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Community-based Environmental Monitoring

New FRAMEwork supported paper in the Annual Reviews, co-authored by Finn Danielsen from consortium partner NORDECO.

The paper delves into the critical role of community-based environmental monitoring in addressing global challenges such as climate change, social welfare, and public health. 

A key insight is that community-based monitoring not only tracks environmental and resource-use changes but also empowers local communities by involving them in resource management and decision-making processes. This engagement enhances self-determination and links local actions to broader national and global frameworks. The co-authors emphasise the importance of continuing to prioritise these links. 

The review highlights both the successes and challenges of community monitoring programs. Key benefits include enhanced local governance, increased community resilience, and improved data for informed decision-making. However, challenges such as limited participation, state responsiveness, and safety concerns for participants must be addressed to maximise effectiveness.

The authors call for improved data management, better integration with national and global initiatives, and robust conflict resolution mechanisms to ensure these programs' sustainability and impact.

Read the full paper here

Annual Reviews is a nonprofit publisher dedicated to synthesising and integrating knowledge for the progress of science and the benefit of society.

The Annual Review of Environment and Resources provides authoritative reviews of significant topics within environmental science and engineering, including ecology and conservation science, water and energy resources, atmosphere, oceans, climate change, agriculture and living resources, and human dimensions of resource use and global change.


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