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Presenting to the German Crop Protection Conference

Project participants from the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology share information on FRAMEwork...

Georg-August-University Göttingen | Wikimedia

Marco Beyer from consortium partner LIST promoted FRAMEwork’s research at the 63rd Crop Protection Conference held 26th to 29th September 2023 at Georg-August-University in Göttingen, Germany. This involved a presentation on the concept of Farmer Clusters for enhancing agrobiodiversity which included sharing preliminary project results.

The German Plant Protection Conference, held biennially at various locations, stands as Europe's premier event for plant protection and phytomedicine, attracting over 1200 attendees. Its significance reaches well beyond Germany's borders, drawing professionals from agriculture, forestry, horticulture, and viticulture.

This includes members of professional bodies, governmental officials, and academics from both local and international institutions and companies. Serving as a key platform for sharing the latest scientific discoveries and practical insights in phytomedicine, the conference holds discussions in German but welcomes contributions in English, facilitating broad knowledge exchange. You can read our Luxembourg Farmer Cluster Facilitator Dr Youri Martin’s Recodo blog on how the event provided:

“an excellent opportunity for promoting FRAMEworks' Farmer clusters beyond the local scale in front of an audience that is involved in decision-making in rural regions at various levels on a daily basis”

And you can take a look at their abstract here.


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