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Entomology Day 2023

FRAMEwork research is presented on at a Dutch Entomological Society Event...

Location of Entomologendag, Ede-Wageningen | Wiki Commons

Doctoral candidate Laura Mansier, from the University of Amsterdam's Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics, presented her project research to the Dutch Entomological Society's annual 'Entymology Day'.

Laura's presentation 'Optimal Agricultural Landscape Management for Natural Pest Control', covered work she's been doing modelling biodiversity data from the project's Zeesterweg Farmer Cluster.

Her research focuses on developing and applying landscape models for natural pest control, aiming to help optimise agricultural landscapes to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services for more sustainable farming practices.

Laura's work explores how different farm management decisions effect populations of species that serve as natural enemies of pests - like hoverflys and lacewings.

Her modelling includes factors such as cropping systems and considers the habitat impacts of interventions like those made in the Zeeasterweg Farmer Cluster: maintaining flower strips, changing mowing regimes and targeted reductions in chemical usage.

Overall, Laura is aiming to publish research that is of utility to farmers as well as the wider scientific community studying natural pest control and land management practices.

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Entomologendag is an annual one-day symposium held since 1989, which brings together entomologists to share and discuss their research - often drawing 150 to 200 participants from students to specialists. Presentations are usually conducted in English, making it accessible to an international audience.

The event features plenary lectures by leading scientists as well as sessions on various topics where participants can present their work. Open poster sessions encourage further discussion of research findings and knowledge exchange.

The event is a good opportunity for attendees to meet professional entomologists, pose questions, and learn about current and future entomological issues.


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