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Estonian Cluster on the Silver Screen

Popular nature program Osoon recently featured participants in our 'Kanepi kihlkund' Farmer Cluster...

In an exciting moment for the FRAMEwork Farmer Cluster network, participants from the Estonian University of Life Sciences appeared on the nature program Osoon, to showcase work they are doing in their 'Kanepi kihlkund' Farmer Cluster.

The episode brought to life discussions around diverse agricultural landscapes in pest management, species-specific plant protection, and the broader topic of agricultural landscape management.

"Osoon" is a renowned Estonian nature and science program broadcast by ETV, Estonia's national public television network. Since its inception, "Osoon" has been educating and captivating audiences with its in-depth exploration of the natural world, environmental issues, and scientific discoveries. The show delves into a variety of topics, ranging from local Estonian wildlife and ecosystems to global environmental challenges and conservation efforts. By presenting complex subjects in an accessible and engaging manner, "Osoon" aims to raise public awareness and appreciation of nature, promote environmental stewardship, and inspire curiosity about science and the planet's biodiversity among viewers of all ages.

The episode descriptions outlines how:

One of the biggest scourges of canola fields is the tiny turnip beetle. However, today's plant protection products are weapons of mass destruction, killing beneficial pollinators in addition to the pest - scientists at the Estonian University of Life Sciences have begun to develop a species-specific remedy against this bad guy.

You can find details of the episode here. For more insights from FRAMEwork Estonia, check out EMU’s recently released video introducing their agroecology workgroup and highlighting the project's objectives on YouTube


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