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European Congress of Entomology

FRAMEwork research goes to congress in Crete...

courtesy of the European Congress of Entomology

Doctoral candidate Laura Mansier, from the University of Amsterdam's Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics, presented her project research to the European Congress of Entomology held from October 16 to October 20, 2023.

Laura's presentation 'Optimal Agricultural Landscape Management for Natural Pest Control', covered work she's been doing modelling biodiversity data from the project's Zeesterweg Farmer Cluster.

Her research shows how different farm management decisions effect populations of species that serve as natural enemies of pests - like hoverflys and lacewings. The modelling includes factors such as cropping systems and considers the impacts of interventions like those made in the Zeeasterweg Farmer Cluster: maintaining flower strips, changing mowing regimes and targeted reductions in chemical usage.

Overall, Laura is aiming to publish research that is of utility to farmers as well as the wider scientific community studying natural pest control and land management practices.

©Laura Mansier

The European Congress of Entomology has been held approximately every four years since its inception in 1990, making it a significant event in the field for over three decades.

Gathering entomologists and other stakeholders from around the world, attendees discuss a wide array of topics related to insects - including insect biology, ecology, behaviour, and pest management.

The congress provides a platform for the presentation of new research findings, networking opportunities, and discussions on the implications of entomological studies for biodiversity conservation and agriculture.

You can watch Laura's presentation to the conference below:


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