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Farmer Cluster Stories

Cluster network news moves to our beta platform!

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We're pleased to share that you can now follow news from our Farmer Clusters on the public beta of Recodo, our knowledge and action platform.

The beta site launched online in September 2023, and since then Clusters have been populating their profiles with information and news items. Stories from this website's blog archive have also been imported to offer an overview of individual Clusters' activities from their creation.

Recodo provides and online home for our Network as well as new Clusters across Europe and the UK. The platform is also being developed as a place to share useful knowledge and resources on biodiversity with key landscape stakeholders.

Public beta screenshot | IIASA

In 2021, project Work Package 3 partners IIASA and Taskscape began developing the site: holding workshops on user requirements within the project consortium, developing branding and testing mock-ups with leading Cluster farmers. 

The platform is currently in the final stages of being reviewed by key user groups outside the project. This process will confirm interest from target audiences identified for the site and enable us to further understand and serve their needs.

As part of this process, IIASA is carrying out a full design refresh of the platform and core content is being developed and updated by project partners.

We hope to offer valuable visitor journeys for different users - so please keep an eye out for more information about Recodo's publicly promoted launch, scheduled for early summer 2024.

Public beta screenshot | IIASA

Summaries of project Farmer Clusters' activities will continue to be published here on the FRAMEwork website and old stories will remain available. But we encourage you to now look to Recodo for the latest news!


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