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First Meetings in Mostviertler!

Framework's Austrian Cluster gets together to exchange farming methods, experiences and ideas...

Group photo of the first IRL Farmer Cluster Meeting
Group photo of the first Farmer Cluster Meeting

Meeting in January 2021

  • The first meeting with the farmers took place on the 22nd of January. Due to the Covid-19 situation and the lockdown in Austria it was online.

The aim of the first Farmer Cluster meeting was to present the Framework project idea and to introduce the Scientists of the “BIO Institut of HBLFA Raumberg-Gumpenstein” to the Farmers. Furthermore, the all participants had a first chance to ask questions about the project, the workload and to get to know each other. Every farmer attended the first meeting, as wells as Walter Starz and Daniela Ablinger from AREC.

First online farmer cluster meeting and Framework project presentation
First online farmer cluster meeting and Framework project presentation

Meeting in July 2021

  • The first cluster face to face meeting was conducted at one farm of a cluster.  Everybody had the possibility to introduce themselves to the cluster community. Finally, the meeting participants were guided over the farm and shown the most important farm management processes.

Farmer Cluster Facilitator Daniela Ablinger reports that:

The first face-to-face meeting was an essential milestone to get the group together, to fix common goals, to discuss agricultural topics and introduce most of the cluster participants. That event was held at on cluster farm. Walter Starz and Daniela Ablinger from AREC attended the meeting as well. Each farmer got the opportunity to present his or her farm and the farming management practices. In addition to that small discussion the host farmer gave the meeting participants a close insight in his daily work and his dairy farm.

The meeting was a great success because farmer used the time to exchange experiences, farming methods and ideas, for example which sickle bar should be used to save most of the grassland insects.

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