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Framework at The Royal Highland Show

Project outreach, including public engagement with the Digi-Farm Game...

The Royal Highland Show 2022 took place between the 23rd – 26th June. The Convening partner of the Framework Project, The James Hutton Institute, had a tent on the showground with an interactive section offering outreach to farmers about the project. Read on below, or watch the above video...


Dr Claire Hardy Social Researcher and Project Facilitator, James Hutton Institute

Today we've been engaging with policymakers and stakeholders and talking to them about using the Digi-farm game to identify biodiversity. Farmers are really interested in biodiversity and this is an opportunity to learn whilst being entertained! We've used the climate positive farm at Glensaugh as inspiration for the digital farm that we've produced here creating a simulated environment on which to base the game. We're looking at the biodiversity and seeing how the farmers' perception of biodiversity might help them to decide different strategies for the future.

Minister Malcolm Offord Scottish Businessman & Parliamentary Under Secretary of State to the Scotland Office, UK Government

Agriculture is nowdays a high tech industry. For all that the roots go back thousands of years, those who put food on our tables today bring together ancient skills and wisdom, combining that now with the technologies of the 21st century, which of course is what is involved in The James Hutton Institute.

Professor Colin Campbell Chief Executive of the James Hutton Institute

That's our role as a scientific institution! To provide the scientific evidence for others to make the best possible decisions. We can't do that in our own. We very much rely on all of you. It [was] fabulous to see representatives here from the Scottish Government and the policy advisers and officials who help us in our research and help us to make sure that it's totally appropriate for policy. It's great to see people from the industry in the sectors that we serve who are here. They help us to target our research, to give them what they need and what they want.

Dr Claire Hardy Social Researcher and Project Facilitator, James Hutton Institute

The Digi-farm is available on several different platforms, including a standard laptop. You can also access it on your smartphone and use Google cardboard, giving you a full immersive virtual reality experience. The information hub will be launching in 2023 and it's very exciting that the Digi farm can be part of the launch.


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