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Hello Recodo!

The project's knowledge and action platform launches...

We’re excited to share that over three years of collaborative work by FRAMEwork partners has led to the public launch of Recodo!

Recodo is an open access online platform that has been designed to support anyone making decisions for sustainable land management or taking action to monitor, maintain and restore vital ecosystems in farmed landscapes. 

The platform provides an online home for our new Farmer Cluster Network and a place to share useful knowledge and resources on biodiversity with key landscape stakeholders.

Recodo expands access to the project’s knowledge base, allowing us to serve audiences online from the ground up - from farmers and their communities to researchers, NGOs and policy makers. 

The platform built by IIASA

How was the site developed? 

In 2021, project Work Package 3 partners IIASA and Taskscape began developing the platform: holding workshops on user requirements within the project consortium, developing branding and testing mock-ups with leading Cluster farmers. 

September 2023 saw a beta version go online, launching Farmer Cluster Network profiles that Clusters can populate with information and their latest news through ‘Farmer Cluster Stories’.

The platform was then reviewed by key user groups outside the project. This process confirmed interest from target audiences identified for the site and enabled us to further understand and serve their needs.

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What can I currently find on the site?

The platform has been developed from the ground up - starting with a core offer focused around our new Farmer Cluster Network.

You can explore their profiles today and access associated resources supporting successful interventions for landscape-scale biodiversity management:

  • ‘Landscape Leaders: Farmer Cluster Training Programme’

  • Online Biodiversity Observatory

  • Citizen Science Guides

  • Global News Feed

  • Curated resources library

  • Informative media content

What’s coming in launch Phase Two?

This is just the beginning! In the Autumn of 2024, a further suite of knowledge tools and resources will come online including:

  • The Farmland Ecosystem Assessment Support Tool

helping users test biodiversity-sensitive land management decisions virtually using real-world data.

  • The Data Hub

opening up biodiversity data from across our Cluster Network to farmers, communities and researchers.

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We’ll also be exploring topics important to our users through Substack and YouTube channels and planning is underway for an event series, ‘Recodo in Real Life’, bringing our extended community together offline for dedicated events.

For now, we hope you enjoy exploring the platform and sharing its core offer. It’s a fantastic way to access knowledge and experience from a broad network of people acting for agrobiodiversity across Europe.

To see ideas that have been in development since FRAMEwork’s start come to life through the hard work and commitment of our consortium is inspiring and we remain excited for what Recodo can provide users going forward.

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If you would like to share relevant resources on the platform please get in touch.


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