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  • Jan Travnicek

National Musem Collaboration

The Czech Farmer Cluster participate in a new landmark exhibition on the history of agriculture in the Czech Republic...

Marigold field photo from the exhibition
Marigold field photo from the exhibition

The Czech Farmer Cluster recently participated in a national farming exhibition on "Příběh zemědělství" and the “Ekologické zemědělství. Zodpovědná volba” ot " at the National Museum of Agriculture in Prague promoting FRAMEwork and development of the first Czech Farmer Cluster .

In English that's "The Story Of Agriculture" and the exhibition "Organic Agriculture: the responsible choice?".

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The exhibition explores how climate change, biodiversity loss and the depletion of non-renewable natural resources represent current challenges for farmers. The organic farming system offers the answer to a number of them.

Can organic farming really revive the landscape, protect natural resources or produce food without chemical residues? Is it just a return to old farming methods or does it represent a modern alternative to existing farming systems? You can learn about the history, founders and development of the organic farming movement in the world and in our country, about its basic principles, differences from ordinary conventional agriculture and the advantages and disadvantages of organic food production for farmers and consumers at the "Organic farming. Responsible choice" exhibition on the roof National Agricultural Museum in Prague on Letná.

The exhibition was prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with the Czech Technological Platform for Organic Agriculture and can be viewed from September 2. 2021 to 2.1. 2022.


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