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New Biodiversity Path Approved

A biodiversity trail though Framework's Czech Farmer Cluster has now been approved!


In December 2023, we reported on a meeting showcasing community efforts to establish a biodiversity path in the project's Czech Republic Farmer Cluster.

The primary focus of the Farmer Cluster meeting was the planning and development of the biodiversity path. Envisaged as a social capital-building project, the path would connect Velke Hosteradky, Bosovice, and several Farmer Cluster farms. This connection would serve as a showcase for local farmers and their sustainable practices, highlighting products like wine, jams, cereals, and wildlife habitats.

We're happy to share that, after successfully applying for regional funding, the New Biodiversity Pathway within the Velke Hosteradky Farmer Cluster has been approved. The pathway will be finished by the end of 2023 and will open for the public in the Spring of 2024.

The new path aims to illustrate the relationship between farming and the landscape to the wide public, such as families with children, those interested in organic food production, or people interested in biodiversity. Visitors will learn about organic farming and some of its superstructures in which local farmers participate.

Emphasis will also be placed on specific measures in the landscape, the effect of which visitors will observe. These measures include, for example, flower strips to support pollinators, installed bird boxes, etc. Another focus of the biodiversity path is to show functions of the landscape management, such as erosion protection, water retention and others.


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