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ARTEMISAN Foundation

Fundación Artemisan is a private Spanish non-profit aiming to conserve wildlife for the benefit of biodiversity and our countryside.

Created in 2017, FA working in a wide range of topics through research & innovation, communication and legal defence. FA supported by 160 donors and 400 members from Spain and abroad and 85% of their budget is private. Among their patrons are the Spanish Hunters’ Federation, the Association of Landowners, the Game meat producers’ association and other groups and associations related to game management andconservation. FA aims to conserve game and other wildlife through applied science and is currently working on declining species (including non-game ones), habitat and predator management, sustainable use of natural resources and also social and economic factors. FA also works to disseminate all results to the public, one of the key points for the organization


Artemisan will work in close collaboration with GCT and also lead a study in Spain. Artemisan will lead the creation of one FC in Spain. It will be an Orchard system, a classic landscape dominated by olive groves, as the cultivation of olive trees is one of the most important within the Mediterranean Basin. At the moment, several farmers are interested to implement agri-environmental measures and the land also managed for wild game and other species. FA aims to make the most of the current farmers’ interest on the benefits of habitat management for game, protected species and yields. Our challenge is to develop successfully habitat improvements adapted to the different scenarios, which are also suffering from climate change and specifically from extended drought periods and soil erosion. There is also the risk of land abandonment at the cluster, one of the main problems for farming in Spain. FA is confident that other NGOs and the farmers’ unions will collaborate as third parties, improving the social aspects of the clusters. Their experience in previous project will ensure this.

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