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Czech University of Life Sciences

The Czech University of Life Sciences, with more than 100 years of history, belongs to the traditional public universities in the Czech Republic.

CULS takes part in a number of international projects funded by H2020, NSF USA, Erasmus+, Erasmus Mundus, Visegrad Fund, Interreg and Interreg Danube programmes. Currently the University has more than 18000 students (10% are international students), 6 Faculties and 1 Institute. CULS offers over 170 accredited study programmes at BSc, MSc and PhD levels (in 9 BSc, 20 MSc and 18 PhD programmes the language of tuition is English). The university has 1700 employees, of which more than 700 are Academics. Since 2007, CULS has been a member of the Euroleague for Life Sciences High-quality research teams successfully participate in both national and international projects, and their research results are published in prestigious international journals and presented at international conferences and scientific symposia.

Department of Land Use and Improvement (Faculty of environmental sciences) focuses on the protection and rational use of land, water and on non-production use of landscapes. The department builds on the long-term tradition of the study of cultural and technical engineering in accordance with sustainable environmental practices and rational management of natural resources in landscapes. Its research activities cover a wide range of issues in the field of landscape planning, landscape architecture and landscape protection and renewal. The Department focuses on comprehensive solutions, e.g. soil erosion risks, soil vulnerability to drought and floods, the landscape water regime, reclamation processes, landscaping, landscape fragmentation and ecological stability of landscapes. The department guarantees a number of BSc. and MSc. programmes related to Landscape Planning, Land Management, and Environmental Engineering and doctoral programmes Applied and Landscape Ecology, and Water Regime Improvement in Landscape.

Department of Humanities (Faculty of Economics and Management) and its research activities focus on rural and regional development from the perspective of social science disciplines, including philosophical perspective. Within this scope, the department has participated in the following research projects, amongst others: "Social and Regional Development of rural areas in the Czech Republic"; "Effective integration of the Czech agrarian sector in the European structures - a prerequisite for sustainable development"; "Information and knowledge support of strategic management" and "Economics of Czech agriculture resources and their efficient use in the context of multifunctional agri-food systems.

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