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French National Agricultural Institute

The main public institute researching for Agriculture and Environment in France.

Initially founded 70 years ago, INRAE is France's new National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment, created on January 1, 2020, It was formed by the merger of INRA, the National Institute for Agricultural Research, and IRSTEA, the National Research Institute of Science and Technology for the Environment and Agriculture.


INRAE has experience in organizing and facilitating Farmer Clusters in France. INRA will operate one of the pilot Farmer Clusters in apple and pear orchards. It will conduct workshop in collaboration with GRAB involving farmers and agricultural advisers from the GIEE to enhance and coordinate the implementation of agroecological infrastructures, the monitoring and identification of farmland biodiversity by farmers, and to explore farmer sensitivity to biodiversity all along the project. INRA will contribute through monitoring and analysis of farmland biodiversity according to farmer agricultural practices and agroecological landscape context to precise the ecological mechanisms impacting natural pest control.

Two research units at Avignon will be involved in the FRAMEwork project ‘Plants and cropping Systems in Horticulture’ , which conducts ecophysiological and agroecological approaches to enhance the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables and the development of environment friendly cropping systems in the Mediterranean area, and ‘Eco-development’, which studies conditions for a transition of agriculture and rural territories towards a sustainable ecologisation of agricultural activities.

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