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Nordic Agency For Development and Ecology

Scandinavian inter-disciplinary org aimed at developing and applying natural and social science to real- world environment and development challenges.

NORDECO develops tools and methods, carries out research, connects persons and institutions, builds capacity, and supports interventions on the ground. Founded in 1991, NORDECO has the declared goal of supporting local, innovative conservation and development initiatives.

Globally, NORDECO has spearheaded the development of bottom-up approaches to natural resource monitoring and management, where local people or local government staff are directly involved in data collection and interpretation, and where monitoring is linked to the decisions of local people, using methods that are simple, cheap and require few resources. Such approaches can help generate transparency, accountability and local ownership in sustainable natural resource management initiatives.


NORDECO will lead on citizen science monitoring with the wider public. In addition, NORDECO will contribute to stakeholder dialogue and quality assurance. NORDECOs background in developing bottom-up approaches to citizen science and natural resource monitoring and management in rural communities matches these tasks very well.

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