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The Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications

A Spanish public research institute created in 1987 located in Catalonia.

CREAF’s main objective is to generate knowledge and create new methodological tools in the fields of environmental sciences and ecology. CREAF’s research activities are broader than a core on function and diversity of natural ecosystems and also include research and development on big data tools, remote sensing pre- processing and analysis, geospatial standards and data quality. Its profile matches the tasks in the proposal for their experience in data storage, manipulation and knowledge extraction.


CREAF is leading on Citizen science data interoperability. CREAF will also participate in networking with other citizen science relevant initiatives. We will develop a platform to capture, process and database data relating to the professional biodiversity monitoring based on the current Nimmbus system. Finally, CREAF will participate in the communication of the project thought its communication office.

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