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The Estonian University of Life Sciences

Estonian centre for research and development in land management areas, renewable natural resources and environmentally
friendly technologies.

Research and development within Estonian and international agriculture, forestry, animal science, veterinary science, rural life and economy, food science, biodiversity,nature protection, renewable natural resources and environmentally

friendly technologies. In the Baltic Region, EMU is a leading institution for research, surveying and teaching in the fields of agriculture, biodiversity and landscape ecology.


EMU will establish a Farmer Cluster in Estonia and facilitate it, encouraging farmers to take responsibility and adopt management strategies to support native biodiversity. EMU will involve local stakeholders, participate in the biodiversity monitoring and data collection, and organize citizen- and farmer-based biodiversity data gathering in Estonia. EMU will conduct a Pilot Study to evaluate the effect of Biodiversity Sensitive Farming to Ecosystem Services, with special interest in species providing pest control. EMU will also, in conjunction with NGOs such as Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF), organize citizen observations and data collections.

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