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The University of Osnabrück

University in northwest Germany renowned for its research and teaching in the areas of Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Law, Business and Economics.

UOS combines different scientific disciplines in research and teaching. Thinking beyond the borders of individual fields of expertise is fostered in a number of interdisciplinary institutes, of which the Institute of Environmental Systems Research (IUSF) is one. Changes in environmental systems, problems ensuing from these changes and their solutions are the focus of the activities of the IUSF, understanding environmental systems as dynamic interplay between nature and society. IUSF’s mission is to develop the knowledge base for understanding, assessing and transforming concrete environmental systems.


UOS will lead on increasing understanding of farmers’ knowledge and behaviour with respect to agro-biodiversity management and to develop private and public incentives to foster farmer's delivery of agro-biodiversity as a public good, making use of the Farmer Cluster approach.

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