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Vienna University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences

An Austrian teaching and research centre for renewable resources fundamental to human life.

BOKU's objective to help make a considerable contribution to the conservation and protection of resources for future generations by providing diversity in its fields of study. Connecting natural sciences, engineering and economic sciences, BOKU wishes to increase knowledge of the ecologically and economically sustainable use of natural resources to provide a harmoniously cultivated landscape.


BOKU will guide the creation of the Farmer Cluster and oversee biodiversity management activities including evaluation, implementation and monitoring in close cooperation with pilot-study 2, thus contributing to Obj. 1a: Establish a permanent network of Farmer Clusters across Europe. This Pilot Study will give examples of best-practice and in this way inspire other farmers, thereby contributing to establishing a self-sustaining and growing European network of Farmer Clusters. Pilot Study 1 will also be conducive to landscape ecological studies for deepening ecological understanding to the development of methods and tools for the management, monitoring and evaluation of biodiversity; to the design of incentives to encourage biodiversity management by Farmer Clusters; and to share information and data for systems analysis.

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