Dr Anna Camilla Moonen

Sant'Anna School Of Advanced Studies, Pisa (SSSA)

Assistant Professor in Agronomy and Field Crops at SSSA.

Dr Moonen graduated from the Wageningen University and obtained her PhD at the University of Pisa, Italy (2004). She works on vegetation management of field margins, the use of cover crops to manage weed communities, the management of functional agrobiodiversity in arable and horticultural cropping systems, and (co)designs innovative strategies for sustainable weed and pest management. She has ample experience in leading WPs and tasks in European projects, and she is used to perform research in a participatory environment in close collaboration with stakeholders and end- users. CM organised interactive teaching courses and summer schools (e.g., 4 ENDURE summer schools). She is active member of EWRS, frequently reviews papers and project proposals and is a subject editor of Weed Research. She (co-)authored 26 publications in peer reviewed journals and has 60 publications in books and conference proceedings (h-index: 16).