Dr Cathy Hawes

James Hutton Institute

Senior ecologist leading research on the impact of change in management and cropping patterns on sustainability and arable system function.

Dr Hawes' work includes the development and application of monitoring protocols for indicators of arable plant and invertebrate diversity and system scale descriptors in relation to management intensity and land use, with over 40 peer reviewed publications in this area. She has responsibility for establishing and running the Centre for Sustainable Cropping at JHI, a long-term platform for arable sustainability research, supporting a range of collaborative projects including Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience and University of Dundee joint PhD projects, engineered riparian buffers with Dundee University and the Danish Government funded BUFFERTECH, soil biophysics and potato cropping (Potato Council and AHDB), pollination services (Defra with CEH and Reading University), product quality with UHI, EU PURE, Legume Futures and AMIGA, the EU ENDURE network and range of Scottish Government funded projects on sustainability in agroecosystems under the RESAS 2006-2011 and 2011-2016 Programmes.