Dr Cristina Domingo-Marimon

The Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF)

Postdoctoral researcher at CREAF with a PhD in Geography and MSc in Remote Sensing and GIS BS in Biology frome UAB.

Dr Domingo-Marimon is currently Postdoctoral Researcher at CREAF, her research is focused on the use of remote sensing as a tool for the analysis of natural and climatic patterns, especially drought, analysing and describing mechanisms of such events. She is also investigating on the role of Earth Observation as a tool for monitoring and improving improve ecosystem services and works on the analysis of dynamics of vegetation changes, whether natural or agricultural. She has worked in several national and international research projects (NewforLand, RegimeShift, ACAPI,H2020 GeoViQua, H2020 Ecopotential, ESA- HRLC-CCI, ESA CSEOL PhenoTandem) and she is currently coordinating WP2 in H2020 BESTMAP (Behavioural, ecological and socio-economic tools for modelling agricultural policy). She has been the scientific coordinator of the Master in Remote Sensing and GIS (UAB) for 3 years and she is currently an Associated Professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.