Dr Douglas Warner

University of Hertfordshire (UOH)

Senior Researcher and Lecturer (Agriculture, Food and Environment) and Senior Lecturer in Agriculture and Environmental Science.

Dr Warner's main research interests include, at the UK and European scale, agricultural-ecology, Environmental Impact Assessment, Life Cycle analysis, chemicals in the environment, greenhouse gas emission and energy inventories, land carbon management plans and sustainability profiling of arable and horticultural crops and the livestock sector. Recent experience includes: development of environmental and ecological indicators and metrics (habitat suitability index approach), life cycle assessment and environmental impact, exposure, mathematical modelling, sustainability profiling and statistical analysis; whole farm greenhouse gas emission and carbon sequestration inventories at the European scale using life-cycle assessment, meta-modelling to derive IPCC Tier 3 emission factors responsive to farm and region specific spatial variables and management practices; cost-benefit evaluation and risk assessments of different approaches to urban weed management; impact of Rural Development Programme (RDP) measures on agricultural greenhouse gas mitigation and ecosystem service enhancement; impacts of agricultural practices on biodiversity and ecosystem services. He also has experience in sampling and design of field-level assessments monitoring beneficial insects in agricultural environments, ecological surveying and monitoring.