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Dr Eha Kruus

Plant protection researcher in the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Chair of Plant Health

Dr Kruus is a phytosanitary specialist experienced in entomological and nematological research as well as institutional and legal regulations in crop protection and national and international plant trade. As a generalist, she has contributed to a wide range of thematic projects, providing stronger strategic focus and ensuring synergies in research on Food safety, Agroclimatic adaptation, Agroecosystem services, Biodiversity species composition (including malacology), Invasive species ecology, Phytosanitary capacity building, Risk assessment and Integrated pest management.

Her responsibilities and line of interests have fallen within the scope of studying the population dynamics of plant pests and parasites and sustainable pest management. She gives lectures on “Plant pathogenic nematodes”, “Harmful plant pests in agriculture”, “Active substances of vegetable origin in crop protection” and “Insect diseases and microbiological pesticides”.

She has undertaken technical execution of over 30 national, regional and international projects on strengthening phytosanitary administration, monitoring biodiversity or assessing pest risks, funded by Estonian Research Council, Ministry of Rural Affairs, Ministry of Environment, Environmental Agency, EU LIFE Programme, SIDA, ICARDA, FAO and others. Eha has authored or co-authored over 50 scientific research papers, edited or translated technical literature and manuals on plant protection and disseminated scientific research results and biological knowledge by publishing 40 papers in journals aimed at non-specialists.

Dr Eha Kruus
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