Dr Graham Begg

James Hutton Institute

Senior researcher and the Head of Agroecology at the James Hutton Institute. Graham has expertise in ecological modelling with an interest in spatial complexity which has been applied to problems in marine and terrestrial systems.

Dr Begg has experience in the application of a wide range of approaches including field ecology, population genetics, statistics, and modelling. In his current role, GSB leads a programme of research applying geo-spatial and landscape scale approaches to understand and manage: (1) the delivery of functional biodiversity and ecosystems services including: crop protection, nutrient management and biodiversity conservation, and; (2) the multifunctional performance of agricultural systems. GSB leads a cross-institute research programme on Integrated and Sustainable Management of Natural Assets as part of Scottish Government’s Strategic Research Programme and has contributed as a Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator to various national and international projects including the EU projects Legume Futures, Amiga and PURE. He is a member of the EU EIP-Agri focus group on Ecological Focus Areas and has fulfilled a range of roles as PhD examiner, funding panel member and reviewer, invited speaker, and as a reviewer for multiple journals.