Dr Iosif Mporas

University of Hertfordshire (UOH)

Senior Lecturer in Information Engineering at the School of Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Hertfordshire.

Dr Mporas' and the European Union, using techniques such as environmental impact assessment, life cycle assessment and strategic environmental assessment with particular reference to agricultural inputs including crop protection substances; policy, regulation and regulatory processes for chemical risk assessment including environmental fate, exposure (non-dietary) and toxicity; spatial policy assessment using GIS and EIA particularly in relation to the Common Agricultural Policy, Rural Development Programme, Sustainable Use of Pesticides and Water Framework Directive; collation and assessment of evidence for agri-environmental policy and regulatory support including various literature reviews (critical, narrative, systematic, scoping etc.), meta-analysis and appraisal; developing software applications and websites related to environmental assessment, data management and retrieval systems, knowledge transfer and agricultural policy; data management including database design and development, data modelling, handling big data sets.