Dr John Tzilivakis

University of Hertfordshire (UOH)

Reader in Agricultural and Environmental Systems

Dr Tzilivakis is a member of the Agriculture and Environment Research Unit (AERU) at the University of Hertfordshire and has over 25 years of experience undertaking agri-environmental research for the UK government, industry and the European Union. His work has included the development and application of environmental assessment techniques, indicators and metrics; software applications, databases and websites; and knowledge transfer tools. His work often involves taking a holistic systems perspective in order to identify potential synergies and trade-offs between different environmental objectives. His experience includes the development and application of environmental assessment tools and techniques at both the farm and policy levels. This has included tools to model the fate and transport of agricultural pollutants; calculation of benefits and burdens for biodiversity and ecosystem services; and spatial analysis of environmental impacts using GIS. John also has extensive experience of undertaking literature, data and rapid evidence reviews (critical, narrative, systematic, scoping etc.); and meta-analysis, appraisal and synthesis to support the development of policy for sustainable agricultural and land management systems. John is a Practitioner member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (PIEMA) and a Member of the Institution of Analysts and Programmers (MIAP).