Dr Paul van Rijn

University of Amsterdam (UVA) Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED)

Agroecologist and entomologist.

Dr Paul van Rijn's research focusses on predator-prey- plant interactions in systems where the predator is also feeding other (non-prey) food sources (omnivory). The aim of the research is to understand and improve the methods of biological and natural pest control. In his research, he combines experimentation with mathematical modelling and field observations. His recent research largely focuses on natural pest control in arable crops, and how field margin strips and more permanent habitats, providing floral resources and alternative prey for the predators, can be designed to maximise the performance of natural enemy populations. Also, the spatial arrangements of these habitats within the landscape are taken into account, mainly by modelling exercises. He is leader of a project at the arable cropping area of the Hoeksche Waard investigating -over a number of years- the various benefits of flower strips around arable field in terms of (terrestrial and aquatic) biodiversity, pest control and pollination.