Dr Pierre Franck

National Institute for Researching Agriculture and Environment (INRAE)

Ecologist for 20 years with expertise in landscape ecology, trophic ecology and population genetics

Dr Franck currently works in the ‘Conservation Biological Control’ team at INRA-PSH dealing with researches about arthropod population dynamics and evolution in farmland ecosystems according to Integrated Pest Management. He has been involved for 10 years in a long-term survey of biodiversity in farmland landscapes, coordinating one of the five sites of the French network SEBIOPAG ( Over the past 5 years, he coordinated the national research project ‘Predictive Ecological Engineering for Landscape Ecosystem Services and Sustainability’ (ANR PEERLESS) and an applied research project on the role of spider in the control of apple pests (FRB PREPARE). He also advised five PhD students over the last decade.