Dr Roger Draycott

Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

Head of Advisory Services and has been a scientist and advisor for 24 years undertaking research into farmland birds and wildlife, working closely with farmers and land managers to improve the farmed environment.

Dr Draycott currently manages a team of seven GCT Farmland Conservation Advisors. The Advisory service provides science-based practical advice to farmers and runs a wide range of courses for farmers, gamekeepers and land managers on a diverse range of topics including farmland conservation, game management, woodland management and CAP. RD manages two large Public/Private Sector funded initiatives to help deliver the UK Government’s National Pollinator Strategy. This involves working closely with farmers at the landscape scale to create and manage wild pollinator and farm wildlife habitat across large areas of farmland.

Increasing knowledge and finding solutions to the challenges of biodiversity loss alongside farmers, citizens, value chains, government policymakers and others. We're working to ensure that biodiversity sensitive farming is valued.

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