Eng. Xavier Mestdagh

Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

Senior Engineer working at ERIN/LIST since 2009 within the Environmental Research and Technology Platform.

Eng. Mestdagh is currently the principal investigator of NEWTRAP, an FNR- Luxembourg research project that aims to develop an early pilot production line for a non-intrusive amphibian trap able to automate the production of high-resolution time series images. XM is also coordinating a monitoring programme for biodiversity in Luxembourg, with the aim to detect changes in the distribution and/or abundance of species in the country, mainly the ones included in the European Habitat Directive annexes. In FRAMEwork, XM will operate as Facilitator of the Luxembourg Farm Cluster in WP2, offering theoretical and practical expertise for the setting up of experimental activities and biodiversity enhancement actions, and for the management of biodiversity monitoring.