Prof. Kathleen Lewis

University of Hertfordshire (UOH)

Director of the Agriculture and Environment Research Unit (AERU), Professor of Agricultural Chemistry & Principal Lecturer in Agriculture, Food & Environmental Science.

Prof. Lewis is a research leader: Scientific lead, Personnel, financial and project management (22 years’ experience). She is also an environmental chemist undertaking research and consultancy into environmental impact, risk assessments and sustainability evaluations associated with food, feed, pesticides, agriculture, horticulture and land use for UK government, European industry and the European Commission and their agencies. Techniques used include LCA, EIA, SEA, carbon and water footprinting, and sustainability profiling, (20 years of experience). She has expertise in chemical residue assessments particularly for agricultural pesticides primarily for research and consultancy (15 years of experience). Other experience includes development of chemical fate and transport mathematical models based on European / national regulatory residue risk assessment processes e.g. FOOTPRINT, p-EMA, development of regulatory dossiers (16 years of experience); development of publically available online databases to support pesticide and veterinary medicine residue risk assessments (15 years of experience); experience in evidence-based research collating and assimilating complex information for policy development including data collection from published literature and publication databases, review processes (traditional, systematic, critical, scoping), data quality assessment, statistical analysis. (20 years of experience); expertise in software development for policy support and knowledge transfer applications for environmental protection in particular software design and development, spreadsheet systems, data modelling, database design, development and management, other storage and retrieval systems, document management systems (30 years of experience).