Prof. Stefanie Engel

Osnabrück University (UOS)

Alexander von Humboldt-Professor of Environmental Economics at UOS/IUSF.

Dr Engel holds a PhD degree in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of Maryland (USA). After her PhD and working as a lecturer at the Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia, she led a Robert- Bosch Foundation funded junior research group at the Center for Development Research in Bonn (Germany). From 2006 to 2014, she was Professor of Environmental Policy and Economics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich (Switzerland). In 2014, she was awarded an Alexander-von- Humboldt professorship, the most highly endowed international research prize in Germany. She has been leading the Alexander von Humboldt-Professorship of Environmental Economics at UOS and is part of the interdisciplinary institute IUSF. SE’s work focuses on environmental policy analysis and design. She is a regularly invited speaker on the policy and economics of ecosystem services and advisor to a number of academic and policy initiatives in this area. She has worked and published extensively on policy and incentive design related to agricultural land use and the provision of ecosystem services and biodiversity. Dr Engel is particularly well-known for her work on payments for environmental services, being one of the most highly cited authors on this subject. Another major research focus is promoting cooperation in natural resource management via participatory approaches. She was also one of the first economists developing a model of ecolabeling. Her ongoing work focuses on the behavioral economics of environmental policy design, using economic lab and field experiments.