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Work Package 2

Resources for Project Participants




Advanced Farmer Clusters will establish and coordinate 11 pilot studies (Table 1.3a). It will facilitate the creation of each Advanced Farmer Cluster including the Cluster Stakeholder Groups and their interaction, and oversee biodiversity management activities including implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. Standardised methods will be used across the partners to monitor outcomes, including biodiversity, ES, farm operations and productivity. The Clusters will also operate as living-labs, providing ‘real-world’ platforms for landscape ecological studies to inform the development and testing of methods and tools for the management, monitoring and evaluation of biodiversity (WP5); the design of incentives to encourage biodiversity management by Farmer Clusters (WP6); and share information and data for systems analysis (WP7). Each Pilot Study will be used to instigate change in the region by demonstrating best-practice and inspiring other farmers, thereby establishing a self-sustaining and growing Advanced Farmer Cluster Network across Europe.


D19 Guidelines on setting-up, managing and promoting Advanced Farmer Clusters across Europe, and linking Clusters with external stakeholders

D20 Advanced Farmer Cluster Facilitator training programme and training events

D21 Analysis on the impact of monitoring management on biodiversity and ES

D22 Policy brief on the benefits of biodiversity and of Advanced Farmers Clusters

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