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Work Package 3

Resources for Project Participants




Citizen Observatory and Information Hub will build an engaging front-end knowledge and action platform for the provision of biodiversity management and monitoring tools and protocols to be used by farmers and other citizens. Training modules and other learning materials will be hosted and a range of material in support of citizen science monitoring campaigns will be developed. This will include the development of an online game, the FRAMEwork Biodive game, to help farmers visualise their existing contributions to biodiversity, facilitate goal setting and provide feedback on successful ‘nudges’ to behaviour change. The Citizen Observatory and Information Hub will also include infrastructure for the provision of new sets of open, harmonised, high-quality citizen generated data, with a focus on data integration/interoperability with existing data platforms, e.g. GBIF, GEO BON (GEOSS). Collaboration with existing citizen observatories (e.g. LandSense, WeObserve, the GROW Observatory) and links with other biodiversity monitoring and agrobiodiversity projects (e.g. SFS-01 sub-topic B) will be established.


D23 Implementation of the Information Hub - the FRAMEwork online knowledge and action platform

D24 The FRAMEwork approach to farmer-based biodiversity and ES monitoring

D25 Engaging the wider public in farmland biodiversity monitoring: campaign design and implementation

D26 FRAMEwork network map and related activities

D27 Citizen Science data management standards, harmonisation and integration

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