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Work Package 4

Resources for Project Participants




Agro-ecological understanding will provide knowledge on the ecological processes linking landscape and farming with biodiversity and ecosystem services essential to the design of all biodiversity sensitive farming systems. It will use a combination of empirical and modelling approaches to estimate the impact of management interventions and biodiversity conservation measures on farmland biodiversity, ecosystem services and food production, to estimate the contribution of tailored resource supplementation to enhancing biodiversity and ES at local and landscape scales and to assess the effect of land use intensification and land abandonment on biodiversity (pest, beneficial insects and species of conservation interest). WP4 will link through to practice, sharing its findings with WP5 to inform the development of biodiversity management and monitoring strategies, and indicator selection.


D28 Results of the meta-analysis to determine effective landscape scale management

D29 A functional Landscape Complementation model with recommendations for the Farmer Clusters involved

D30 Report on landscape complementation modelling including validation and modification of the models in the Farmer Clusters involved

D31 Report on the effect of land abandonment

D32 Policy and practice guidelines for management of land abandonment in English and in local language of case study regions

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