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Work Package 5

Resources for Project Participants




Biodiversity management and monitoring will provide technical knowledge and innovation to support the implementation of biodiversity sensitive management practices and biodiversity targeting and monitoring. To achieve this, WP5 will develop and test a DST (FRAMEselect) that integrates technical guidance on biodiversity monitoring and management to help farmers identify the most ecologically sound and pragmatic solution for biodiversity sensitive farming as part of the operations of the Advanced Farmer Cluster network in WP2. To support this, biodiversity sensitive management practices will be reviewed, and new methods developed through participation with the Advanced Farmer Cluster network. FRAMEselect will also be underpinned by biodiversity indicators to estimate the impact of selected actions on farm environmental performance and enhanced ES. Monitoring methods and strategies will be developed in parallel with the indicators and will include novel approaches, e.g. bioacoustics or remote sensing (e.g. AMIBIO). Focussing on reliability and ease of use, they will be designed and tested in partnership with Cluster farmers and facilitators to ensure they are suitable for application in citizen science monitoring programmes.


D33 DST (FRAMEselect) end-user requirements and specification

D34 Database of metrics and indicators of farmland biodiversity and ES

D35 Novel DST (FRAMEselect) for agrobiodiversity management

D36 Monitoring tools

D37 Specialist indicator and farming systems data capture

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