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Work Package 7

Resources for Project Participants




Systems Analysis + Synthesis will integrate social, economic and environmental data and knowledge from WP2, 5 and 6 to explore the impact of biodiversity sensitive farming on the natural assets of agroecological systems, their sustainability, and resilience to regional and global change. A combination of social-ecological modelling and natural capital accounting methods will be used to: 1) estimate of the response of biodiversity to collective landscape scale biodiversity management strategies and identify effective management practices; 2) identify the multiple cost and benefits resulting from collective landscape scale biodiversity management and to identify the drivers and barriers to these; 3) quantify the impact on natural asset status of biodiversity sensitive farming practice; and 4) develop a decision support tool (FRAMEtest) to facilitate the prototyping and testing of biodiversity sensitive farming-based systems and identifying effective management and governance practice.


D44 Report comparing the impact of landscape-scale interventions on biodiversity in comparison with farm-scale approaches

D45 Report on the drivers and barriers to the provision of biodiversity and ES and the propagation of costs and benefits throughout the agri-food system.

D46 A protocol for Natural Assets profiling and assessment of impacts and dependencies of farming systems on natural capital

D47 Report on the NAP and the potential for regional impact forecasting for Farmer Clusters and biodiversity sensitive farming using NAP.

D48 Development of policy focussed decision support tool (DST) FRAMEtest.

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