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Osnabrück University (UOS)

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Sant'Anna School Of Advanced Studies, Pisa (SSSA)

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Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

Dr Graham Begg

James Hutton Institute

WP6 (Farmer behaviour and incentives) will assess how the enrolment of farmers in the design and monitoring of new schemes influences the implementation of biodiversity sensitive farming approaches. A review of existing agri- environment schemes will assess their potential to incentivise biodiversity management by Farmer Clusters. Economic experiments and choice experiments will be used to develop new agri-environment payment schemes that allow innovative, place-based and system-specific management solutions to be rewarded. Pilot Clusters, as a living- lab, will guide experimental design and implementation, and act as a test-case for alternative payment-scheme designs. Focus will be on results-based payments, promoting spatially coordinated actions, interactions between public and private incentives and the role of labelling.