An interdisciplinary
research-in-action project...

The Horizon 2020 FRAMEwork project brings together farmers, researchers and other stakeholders to share knowledge - testing innovative practices for collective landscape-scale biodiversity enhancement in agroecosytems and recommending improvements to how we value biodiversity and ecosystem services in our agrifoodsystem.

Meet our Advisory Board...


Louise Amand

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The Capitals Coalition

TEBBAgrifood Belgium

Louise is a Collaboration Officer developing guidance for agrifood businesses and sustainable agriculture.


She is involved in fostering collaboration and partnerships across international projects. 


Camillo de Camillis

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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Camillo is a Project Manager and Scientific Adviser in the Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department.


He works at the interface between stakeholders to harmonise methods for biodiversity assessment

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David Kleijn

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Wageningen University

Professor Kleijn is a member of WUR's Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation Group.

He works at the nature/agriculture 

interface to interest farmers in the benefits

of biodiversity and is coordinator of our sister project SHOWCASE.

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Vasileios Vasileiadis

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Vasileios is a Sustainability & Responsibility Business Manager


He leads on Biodiversity & Agronomy Strategies across Europe, Africa and the Middle East and has been involved in major EU projects ENDURE and PURE.