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An interdisciplinary
research-in-action project...

The Horizon 2020 FRAMEwork project brings together farmers, researchers and other stakeholders to share knowledge - testing innovative practices for collective landscape-scale biodiversity enhancement in agroecosytems and recommending improvements to how we value biodiversity and ecosystem services in our agrifoodsystem.

Meet our Leadership and Management Team...


Graham Begg

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Project Coordinator

Dr Begg is the project coordinator at convening partner The James Hutton Institute


Dr Begg's research is focused on the dynamics of how species respond to changes in the arable environment and its management, and the impact of this on important ecosystem functions such as pest regulation, primary production and biodiversity. 


Benedetto Rugani

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Deputy Coordinator

Dr Rugani is the deputy coordinator at partner The Luxembourg Institute Of Science and Technology. 


Dr Rugani is an environmental sustainability analyst, with more than 10 years of experience in basic and applied research. The scope of his studies

deals with life cycle

sustainability assessment, urban metabolism and ecosystem services.


Fanny Tran

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Project Manager

Fanny is the project manager at convening partner The James

Hutton Institute. 

Fanny manages the administrative side of the Framework project

coordinating deadlines, data, project reporting and events. She's been associated with agrifood and environmental

sciences projects

and papers over many years, like TRUE.


Alastair Simmons

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CKP Coordinator

Alastair is Communication,  Knowledge Exchange & Participation Coordinator at Taskscape Associates  

Alastair helps coordinate communications, knowledge exchange and participation, working to support various project events and deliverables. 

Associates consult and collaborate to assist partners. Taskscape Media produces training and outreach content to enhance legacy impacts. 

Meet our Advisory Board...


Louise Amand

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The Capitals Coalition

TEBBAgrifood Belgium

Louise is a Collaboration Officer developing guidance for agrifood businesses and sustainable agriculture.


She is involved in fostering collaboration and partnerships across international projects. 


Camillo de Camillis

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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Camillo is a Project Manager and Scientific Adviser in the Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department.


He works at the interface between stakeholders to harmonise methods for biodiversity assessment

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David Kleijn

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Wageningen University

Professor Kleijn is a member of WUR's Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation Group.

He works at the nature/agriculture 

interface to interest farmers in the benefits

of biodiversity and is coordinator of our sister project SHOWCASE.

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Vasileios Vasileiadis

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Vasileios is a Sustainability & Responsibility Business Manager


He leads on Biodiversity & Agronomy Strategies across Europe, Africa and the Middle East and has been involved in major EU projects ENDURE and PURE. 

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