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An interdisciplinary
research-in-action project...

The Horizon EU 2020 FRAMEwork project brings together farmers, researchers and other stakeholders to share knowledge - testing innovative practices for collective landscape-scale biodiversity enhancement in agroecosytems and examining how we value biodiversity and ecosystem services in our agrifoodsystem.

We're establishing a new network of Farmer Clusters prioritising more sustainable farming that mitigates biodiversity-loss and ecosystem degradation. 

  • Farmer Clusters are ground-up groups of farm businesses exploring the benefits of more sustainable farming  - supported by a network of universities, NGOs, policymakers and community initiatives. Framework's network now includes 11 new Clusters across diverse regions.

We're researching the science of biodiversity-sensitive practices within our Farmer Cluster network and

synthesising new social science. 

  • Framework's monitoring the impact of biodiversity-sensitive farming on agricultural ecosystems. This includes factors like productivity, environmental health and net biodiversity.

  • We're also evaluating the Farmer Cluster model and examining how the public and private sector financially support farmers trying to value environmental health. 

We're engaging stakeholders in rural communities and regions through Farmer Cluster visits, workshops

and citizen science events.

  • Framework's reaching out to the communities in which our Farmer Clusters are located for a range of local and regional impacts.  This includes farmers and their families, countryside leisure and environmental groups, NGOs and political representatives.

"We're working to make valuing farmland biodiversity add up!"


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Our project is split into Work Packages,
groups of consortium partners with
different goals

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